For teachers, parents or those working with special groups of students, Sharon can consult with you and your student(s) to develop safe and easy strategies to make home or studio practice an enjoyable experience. Sharon is a resource for class ideas, movement patterns, and suggestions for how to link diverse learners to specific activities and goals. Within her 26+ years of teaching, Sharon has benefitted from a broad spectrum of learning opportunities that have enabled her to organize and implement successful strategies. She is eager to share strategies that have helped people of all ages with anyone directly or indirectly affected by developmental delays or other challenging conditions. Techniques may employ picture schedules, visual aides, sensory-motor integration activities, stability propping and equipment adaptation. Through simple functional movements to brain stimulating sequences, yoga can address an array of levels, aims, and intentions—as well as improve each individual’s sense of self within community to build friendships and social competence.

LADD (Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Delayed) Classes meet the 1st Sunday monthly from Sept-June 5:45-7PM. Participants may pay $10.

This class welcomes newcomers year round. (If transitions are challenging, please call to set up a personal visit prior to attending first class.)

*Park in the Airport Rd. parking lot for wheelchair accessibility.