Gentle Yoga Classes

What is Gentle Yoga and what will it do for you?
Gentle yoga is done at a slower pace. It allows bodies of all types to work at a pace that brings relaxation, stress relief and a connection between body, breath and mind. You are welcome and will be honored exactly as you are. If you have diabetes, scoliosis, arthritis, MS, back pain or other challenging conditions, you are welcome and will be appreciated. Many doctors are recommending yoga to patients with high blood pressure, stress related issues and balance problems. Using various practices such as poses, contraction/relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques, yoga can lessen suffering and supplement medical care. Whether attending a group class or a private lesson, your individual needs will be addressed. Props and/or modifications to the practice will enable you to enjoy a safe, injury free, experience. If you can breathe, you can do and benefit from yoga as we adapt the practice for your perfect fit.