Kathy Wayner Testimonial

Sharon changed the trajectory of my life.  I was overweight, out of shape and suffering from a serious, permanent back injury.  The worst part was that I was beginning to accept that there was no chance for change.  In a moment of energy, I contacted Sharon and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  Without punishing my ego, Sharon gently led me to a path of regular, therapeutic yoga which significantly changed my health and my attitude.  Now, almost 3 months later, my health and mobility has improved greatly.  My whole attitude towards eating and exercise has changed.  The best part was that Sharon made the whole evolution fun and enjoyable.  It feels so good to be in charge of my body again!  Sometimes people can really change your life and that is what Sharon did for me.  I would highly recommend both her private and group classes (a wonderful group of women!).  She really knows how to take you on a wonderful journey to better health and mobility and, best of all, feeling better about yourself!  It is so much more than just yoga.