Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga to Change Your Life

“You’re in for a Treat right in your Seat”

Yoga is more than stretching your body, it is about stretching, strengthening and relaxing all of you. Yoga increases awareness and helps you to create a happier, healthier lifestyle on and off your chair or mat. Yoga Groove teachers can guide you through gentle movements, breathing exercises and relaxation to gain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We are passionate to help you improve your posture, breath, strength and balance so you can feel comfortable, confident and remain independent. By reducing stress, seated yoga can help you move through all seasons of life with more calm and ease. Yoga may be the best stress management tool you will ever put into your tool belt and chair yoga can be especially helpful for people who:

  • ​have difficulty getting up and down
  • ​have an injury that prevents weight bearing
  • ​suffer from peripheral neuropathy
  • ​are carrying excess weight
  • ​have physical restrictions
  • ​are balance challenged
  • ​feel they cannot participate in a mat clas
  • ​need extra support during times of transition


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