Neurologic Disorders

All of my students are my heroes, especially those with M.S., P.D., ALS., Alzheimer’s, and other dis-ease conditions for which there is no cure. It is often harder to motivate people with neurological disorders who may also be feeling anxious and depressed. Our classes are designed specifically to help you to gain strength, learn focused breathing, improve posture and balance, but most importantly - to learn selfcare practices that improve and strengthen all body systems. 

We all live with daily risks like being involved in an auto accident, exposure to chemical toxins, etc; but for people with ND, the risks are much greater. The Yoga Groove minimizes risks by providing:

  • Excellent lighting
  • Metal bars bolted to the wall for secure bracing
  • Sturdy chairs that are pre-set on nonskid mats
  • Props to fit each individual’s need
  • Free accessible parking
  • A walkway bridge (no steps)
  • Handicapped parking and bathrooms

The goal of our practice is tailored to meet the needs of each individual. To that end I recommend you make an appointment for a 30 minute personal consultation. By listening to your story, I can more fully understand and support you. Whether you are a stroke survivor, have dementia, Autism, PD, MS, or fibromyalgia, adaptive yoga at The Yoga Groove meets you where you are then assists you through functional movement, pranayama (breathing techniques), mindfullness/meditation and appropriate yoga asana (poses) to slow the progression of your symptoms and better stabilize your condition.


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