Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga- Customized presentations can provide the incentive for your company and its employees to take simple steps toward improving personal well-being. 

These presentations include research based practices to assist with:

  • ​Team building
  • ​Stress reduction
  • ​Better breathing
  • ​Functional movement
  • ​A theme or need of your choosing

​Everyone can comfortably participate.  Within each presentation, individual needs will be met so that varied age groups and diverse interests can benefit alike

​Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace:

  • ​Shared experiences help with team building and camaraderie in the workforce
  • ​Lower absenteeism
  • ​Lower Healthcare costs
  • ​Increased awareness leading to fewer work related accidents/injuries

​Call Sharon to discuss your workplace goals and objectives 513-658-1952


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