Home Practice Coaching

Home Practice Coaching sessions offer you inspiration and guidance toward a regular home yoga or meditation practice; one that is both personally meaningful and sustainable for your own daily life. These 60 minute sessions are designed to deepen your yoga practice and inspire you to practice safely and regularly on your own. The specific coaching you receive will be determined by your own physical and emotional needs and interests, personal and/or professional lifestyle, and spiritual outlook. Home Practice Coaching is available in weekly or monthly sessions, and can be held at the studio or in your home. These sessions are great for the long time yogi looking for support and inspiration to practice regularly at home; and new beginners can also benefit from individualized support as they learn the foundations and explore their learning at home with online follow-up. Ongoing attendance in a group yoga class is additionally helpful. Your co-created Home Practice can be done in 7-10 minutes (or whatever length of time you can realistically afford) then poses can be added 1 at a time over time. If you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, a longer practice or practices of varied lengths can be designed to serve your needs and schedule.


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