CHANGE can be beautiful~ You be the judge!

Over the years I’ve visibly changed and I’ll bet you’ve observed changes in your appearance, too. As a child it was fun to have my daddy measure and mark on the wall how much taller I had grown since my last birthday. It was exciting to grow taller!

Puberty sparked new changes- some were exciting; others confusing. As adults, we’ve changed our focus toward job performance and providing for ourselves and families. We discarded playful pursuits, many relationships, desires, and even our solitude.

Changes are with us from birth, yet they take on greater significance if we think of ourselves as being “over the hill,” or “on a downhill slope.” Society, through unrealistic advertising and social media prompting, may be causing our collective brain to think that our quality of life must undeniably suffer. Even yoga is misrepresented as an exclusionary practice consisting of pretzel poses being performed by svelte, affluent and very attractive young women. We certainly know differently and those of us over 60 have proven this assumption DEAD WRONG! With age comes wisdom. We may (or may not) be weaker but we are now stronger in our determination to make our own wise choices. And, with wise awareness, we can make choices today, that our future self will thank us for.

In yoga we practice “Santosha”- accepting or being satisfied with what is. This brings to mind the Serenity Prayer:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 

the courage to change the things I can, 

and the wisdom to know the difference.”

That said, I’m determined to change for better whatever I reasonably can…

Example #1= my commitment to working out with weights to strengthen my shoulders.

Example #2= exploring permanent makeup (eyebrow tattoos) by Trina of “Be Gorgeously You.”

As a result of these changes, I’m sleeping pain-free even when I roll onto my side, and I’ve gone from being referred to as “the white fright!” (without makeup) to looking “10 years younger.” Seriously, people have made this comment:-) While I don’t agree with either of those statements, I feel like I have a happier face and disposition now that I wake up with makeup~

What changes are you ready to embrace? What things are within your power to change? 

I’m happy to discuss my transformation …THANK YOU Trina – or you may connect with her directly: or call her 937-829-7469. Remember to mention my name for a groovy little discount on any of her excellent services. She is conveniently located @Salons By JC 3825 Edwards Rd. (next to House of Belgium)

Notice that even in makeup during the “Medicare Moments” interview, my eyebrows are invisible- compared to the photo taken last week.

Sharon Byrnes

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