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Sharon’s Calming Ayurvedic Bedtime (or anytime) Drink

(Pretty yummy in the Tummy!) This beverage will warm, calm and purify from the inside out. In summertime or a warm climate, lessen or eliminate the Cayenne. Curry is an alternative that doesn’t add heat 1 C. milk or milk alternative (I use Coconut or Almond milk) 2 dashes Allspice 1 dash ground Clove 1/8 […]

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Q&A about Gentle Yoga Barre

What is Gentle Yoga Barre?Gentle Yoga Barre routines address fitness in 3 dimensions- cardio, strength, balance- in a safe, fun and efficient way. You will have a number of stations with assigned exercises. We manage the intensity by the resistance used for the exercises and the time ratio for the work and rest intervals. Can I […]

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CHANGE can be beautiful~ You be the judge!

Over the years I’ve visibly changed and I’ll bet you’ve observed changes in your appearance, too. As a child it was fun to have my daddy measure and mark on the wall how much taller I had grown since my last birthday. It was exciting to grow taller! Puberty sparked new changes- some were exciting; others […]

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Reflection on Jan-June

I started the year in PT for shoulder/arm/elbow pain. My condition, 6 months later is better, largely because I was mindful of my actions (better mechanics with carrying/lifting, better ergonomics of workstations, and fewer physical assists while teaching) and I changed my behaviors (asked for help when needed and suspension of Friday classes.) TYG welcomed friends […]

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The healing power of the breath always wins!

Breathing is simple until we humans perturb the breath through sickness, smoking, stress, anxiety, allergen or other factors. Our systems are, however, highly adaptable. This allows us to recover, repair and restore ourselves as long as we can breathe. Think about instructions from your Dr., Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Dentist, etc., They all […]

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Reasons for Practicing Yoga Barefoot

 Walking and practicing yoga barefoot allows neurons in our feet to fire more efficiently which improves balance and stability. Walking on uneven surfaces and differently textured surfaces, like sand, grass, earth, rocks, foam and against forces such as wind, waves, whirlpools, inclines can stimulate the development of new neural pathways. Most shoes dull our sensitivity […]

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