Q&A about Gentle Yoga Barre

What is Gentle Yoga Barre?
Gentle Yoga Barre routines address fitness in 3 dimensions- cardio, strength, balance- in a safe, fun and efficient way. You will have a number of stations with assigned exercises. We manage the intensity by the resistance used for the exercises and the time ratio for the work and rest intervals.

Can I combine a yoga class with Cardio and Strength Training?
YES! Adding a 50 minute workout to your yoga practice can double your benefits.

WHO should add Cardio, Balance and Strength Training to their yoga practice?
*Most people who practice at home or attend 1 or more Gentle yoga classes a week can add GYB before or after doing yoga.
* People recovering from illness or injury will be guided through a modified circuit or alternate exercises.

What are the benefits of GYB?
*GYB gives you a “jump start” toward greater well-being.
*GVB blasts calories, boosts metabolism, strengthens your entire body
*GYB before or after a yoga class “primes” your body to perform its best
*GVB allows you to meet and mingle with other like minded people:-)

How often should I do this?
1-2 times a week for newbies and people 55+
For athletes, runners or fitness enthusiasts, there is no limit but every other day allows for recovery

Sharon Byrnes

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