The healing power of the breath always wins!

Breathing is simple until we humans perturb the breath through sickness, smoking, stress, anxiety, allergen or other factors. Our systems are, however, highly adaptable. This allows us to recover, repair and restore ourselves as long as we can breathe.

Think about instructions from your Dr., Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Dentist, etc., They all instruct you to breathe a certain way, or to “send your breath” to an area in need.

Bad things result from not breathing. Breath holding affects the circulatory system, cognition, nervous system, and most subsystems negatively.

Breathing affects your internal environment. Think hyperventilation and how it reduces oxygen to your tissues, brain and all cells. Over training can cause problems all the while it is supposed to make you feel better. When the breath becomes labored or less efficient for any reason, your adaptive capacity is lowered, your pain threshold is lowered, perception to stress is lowered and anxiety can increase.

So, how does all of this relate to our daily life? Every move we make can be negatively impacted by inefficient breathing. If you need to lift something heavy, move faster, or rise quickly from the floor, you need to employ the proper breathing techniques. Breathe enhances muscle tone in part because the brain is “oxygen hungry.” “If breathing is not normalized – no other movement pattern can be.”  Dr. Karel Lewit

Svastha Yoga Therapy Workshop on “The Breath” is open to all. Grace Tree Yoga & Growth Studio 3/3-3/5. Contact Sharon Byrnes or 513-658-1952.

Sharon Byrnes

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