Neurobicize Me NOW Course

When: We meet every other week (Wednesdays from 7-8:15/8:30 PM.

Start date – July 11




When: We meet every other week (Wednesdays from 7-8:15/8:30 PM.

Start date – July 11

“Neurobicize Me Now” is an online course designed to stimulate all of your neurons and keep your brain healthy and fit.

Just as our body needs exercise, rest, hydration, and good nutrition, so does our brain. We meet every other week online via Zoom, and we check-in through our private Facebook group between classes. Our learning is experiential and interactive with student needs, concerns and desires guiding our path which is progressive and inclusive. Both instructors can be reached via email or Facebook. We all have similar challenges that are part of the aging process, but we can proactively and positively improve our Body/Mind/Spirit and overall balance by employing proven strategies that build new neural pathways at any age or stage of life.

This course meets online every other week. Because each class is recorded and available on our “Neurobicize Me Now” Facebook page, you need not worry about missing a class nor remembering details of our interactive exercises. We will always begin each class with a review so that everyone is comfortable and onboard before moving forward. Class meets every other Wed. 7-8:15/8:30 PM. 

Because Participants may share personal thoughts, feelings and experiences, a confidentiality agreement must be signed prior to being accepted into our group and a 10-15 minute phone consultation with both facilitators is recommended. Once approved, you will be given access to our “Neurobicize Me Now” private Facebook group where you may post questions or comments for the entire group or you may private message either Pat or Sharon.

*In order to feel safe while sharing personal thoughts, feelings, experiences, and information, participants must sign a confidentiality agreement. 

  • Your investment to learn and put neurobics into practice is $200




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